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Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

The Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park carries the land-scraper concept by camouflaging the buildings in the garden area into a unified garden landscape, so that visually, what is visible from the road is the cover of the green area in the park. The philosophy of the form of the space and the garden building elevates the character and story of the figure of Martha Christina Tiahahu as a female freedom fighter from the land of Maluku. There is a space with an imaginary line oriented towards the homeland of Martha Christina Tiahahu in Nusalaut, Central Maluku.

Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park stands on an area of approximately 9,710 m2 and is designed with a two level building on the existing park land, the building was developed into six plazas, namely North Plaza, Kabaresi Plaza, Bunga Plaza, South Plaza, Children's Plaza, and East Plaza. , with facilities such as a library, children's plaza, amphitheater area, healing garden, coffee shop, reading and discussion room, bookstore, children's literacy room, to supporting facilities such as prayer rooms and toilets.

PMartha Christina Tiahahu Park cooperates with several communities and companies engaged in literacy. This park does provide facilities that support literacy activities. One of the completed facilities is the Community Room and Library Room. The development of this literacy park aims to be the third space for the community to be able to exchange ideas and increase the space for pedestrians. The government prepares infrastructure and all supporting facilities. This room presents a work area as well as a lounge-like spot with a comfortable sofa. Not only that, in this room there is also a literacy garden library, or reading garden. Although the room and library area are not that big, this room is made very comfortable. equipped with air conditioning, power outlets, and Wi-Fi. The collection provided by the library is quite complete. Starting from books for children, novels for teenagers to adults, as well as science books for various ages, The Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park is also working with the Jakarta Library. In some park spots, there is a large banner containing a QR code that will direct visitors to the Jakarta Library e-book collection page.

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