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Walking around hotel for food, shopping or other entertainment

Situated in the heart of Blok M Shopping District, Blok M is a business and shopping quarter located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Indonesia. It runs east from Iskandarsyah street to Bulungan street in the west.  On daily basis crowds of people throng its street, and even more so during night time. There are plenty cafes, Karaoke, massage parlour within the area. Jalan Melawai, which is known as Little Tokyo has many Japanese style restaurants, bars and cafes.


There are many Japanese style restaurants & bars,  cafe, coffee shop an traditional food within the M Hotel area

eat & drink


surrounded by various places to shop, Check this shopping place near us.



Enjoy entertainment that you need without having to think about how you get there, located in the middle of an area filled with entertainment including nightlife