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Traditional Indonesian cake center in Jakarta

There are many activities that you can do in spending your weekend in Jakarta. In addition to visiting several tourist destinations, You can also try traditional Indonesian cake throughout the capital city. Are you still dissatisfied? In Jakarta, you can find a variety of traditional Indonesian cake.

Priced at an affordable price, you can find some traditional Indonesian cake that are currently getting rare. Starting from kue lapis, kue mangkok atau kue talam whose deliciousness is guaranteed to still exist in this row of traditional cake centers.

  1. Kue Subuh Blok M

  2. Pasar Kue Subuh Senen

  3. Pasar Subuh Sitanala

Not only for residents of Jakarta, this traditional Indonesian cake center is also always crowded with local and international tourists. Some even choose to stay at a hotel that is located close to the traditional cake seller. Because most of the snacks will be sold out in the morning.

To prevent disappointment, those of you who plan to hunt for traditional cakes in the Blok M area, for example, can consider staying or staycation at M Hotel. Besides offering a strategic location, this hotel with complete facilities is also very close to the Kue Subuh Blok M

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