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Short Weekend Vacation Can Be More Exciting with a Staycation at a Hotel

On weekends, you definitely want to find a place to relax after a long weekday. For there are many places in Jakarta that can be used as a weekend destination. From shopping malls, restaurants or park. On weekends, however, these places are also crowded. You definitely want to go somewhere else, don't you?

Hotels can be a better option than going to other places that are already crowded with people. Instead of being confuse about which hotel is best and what amenities are available, read on for a more detailed explanation of M Hotel.

Stay at an affordable hotel

To enjoy a weekend with a staycation at a hotel is to choose an affordable hotel. For affordable hotels in the Jakarta area itself, you can choose M Hotel which is located in the Melawai area, South Jakarta.

Here you can choose Standard Room or Deluxe Room which will give you comfort during your stay there. In addition, there are also various facilities available at M Hotel such as free breakfast, free flow coffee at coffe mechine, Watch movie at lcd TV or Wi-Fi which will definitely make you feel at home for a long time at the hotel.

In terms of the price itself, you only need to spend around IDR 400,000 to IDR 500,000 per night. With the price set, you can already get an affordable hotel with optimal facilities.

Explore exciting activities around the hotel

You can also explore to find a variety of exciting activities. Around M Hotel itself, there are quite a few exciting activities that you can do, such as walking around the Blok M area which is famous for its culinary delights to visiting Blok M Square and Blok M Plaza which were famous shopping centers at that time.

There are also antiques for sale, such as vinyl records and old books that might attract your attention to buy and can be an interesting collection as well.

Try the unique culinary around the hotel

A staycation at the hotel also allows you to try unique culinary delights around the hotel. As explained above, in the area around M Hotel there are also quite a number of famous culinary delights such as Gultik or the Little Tokyo area which has a variety of Japanese-style restaurants. Therefore, don't forget to satisfy your desire to enjoy delicious culinary delights while staying at M Hotel.

Travel around Jakarta by MRT

No less fun to spend a staycation at a hotel is traveling around Jakarta by taking the MRT. Near the M Hotel, the Blok M MRT station has indeed been built. With the station of this newest mode of transportation in the Indonesian capital, you can use it to get around Jakarta and visit various other interesting places there. From these advantages, you should not miss the opportunity to stay at M Hotel.

Are you already interested in the various advantages that M Hotel and its surrounding area have which are fun to explore? Don't miss the opportunity to stay at M Hotel on weekends. That way, you can get the best entertainment while making your mind and body fit again when you start working.

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